Foam breaking is a typical problem in loudspeakers.

 After 15 -20 years, these begin to break .

Trans-Western-Goods speaker repair process allows you  safely to remove the surrounds and easily re-install the new surrounds. 

You can save hundreds of euros if you repair your speakers by yourselve. 

The speakers will play 15 to 20 year again as new

Please do not build cheap quality, it's not worth it to 20 years

 (  Caution !!!  there are many cheap and cheap quality rings on Internet  )

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B&W	DM 602 3s  surrounds  F188g

B&W DM 602 3s surrounds F188g

Article-No.: F188g

excl. Shipping costs

Shipping time: 3-4 Days

1 x 'B&W	DM 602 3s  surrounds  F188g' order

SIKAROW     mobile camera system

SIKAROW mobile camera system

Article-No.: SIKAROW

excl. Shipping costs

Shipping time: 3-4 Days

1 x 'SIKAROW     mobile camera system' order

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